Bye-bye megastores! Adios world wide franchises!

The new consumers are here!

We don’t want big and remote. We want small and cute.

So yeah, there’s a massive invasion of brands.

And true, picking one has become a real test.

‘cause with so many brands, they kinda start looking the same.

I always opt for the one that speaks to me. Talks my talk. The one that wants to be my wingman.

So all you brands out there; get a healthy tone of voice. Give your brand a face, a character. Something that your fans will recognise and start to love. Something that catches their ear.

Think about it. For just a second. And then call Pascal. He’ll set up an A-OK tone of voice for you. With a huge doc. Packed with game rules and txt samples. So all your wordsmiths know how to play the game of your new voice.

Need to move faster? Then fly Pascal in for a megamasterclass.

So all your writers will be up to speed ASAP.

Pick another tone of voice

Tone of Voice Wizzard 5.0

Make your choice

Gratis moppenboekje

Eén mopje. Geschreven in 99 verschillende tone of voices. Door Pascal Boogaert. En geïnspireerd op ‘Stijloefeningen’ van Raymond Queneau.

Lees het hier.

Lopen twee gekken op straat. Vraagt de een aan de ander: ‘Mag ik nu in het midden lopen?